Tui is dedicated to creating a better partnership between horse and rider, and offers a range of services to build that relationship.








– Winner of The Way of the Horse, Equidays 2017, New Zealand –
– Special Invitation Guest Competitor, Equitana Melbourne 2018 –

Tui starts horses nationwide. Get in touch to ask about availability.

Tui Teka just has “it”, born to be on a horse, born with a feel that many can not replicate nor learn. Refined to a performance level now. He has created a miracle with my unbroken explosive reactive horse, I truly believe there was no-one in NZ that could help my damaged young horse think his way through this process. Tui is world class, but in NZ which makes us kiwis fortunate to have access to such ability. Tui, you are beyond words.
— Rhonda Jardine
I can’t recommend Tui highly enough. I got to know Tui before I left my treasured horse with him. I watched most of his sessions, and I was so impressed with what I saw, each and every time. My horse is back home now, and he is always first to the gate looking for more adventures. He is home to grow a bit more, but we will be back for more lessons. Thanks to Tui , the whole starting process will be a breeze.
— Tanya Koens
It is a privilege to know Tui, and I am incredibly grateful to have learnt from him. He has an amazing talent for training horses and teaching people from all backgrounds regardless of what your goals are.
I can’t wait to see where his future takes him!
— Kerryn Morrison
Tui recently broke in a Centavos 4 year old for us. He did a great job and made him super rideable. I have recommended Tui to lots of friends and have nothing but good reports back after they have used his services!
— Amy Roydhouse

Hosting a Clinic with Tui

If you’re interested in hosting a clinic with Tui, you can find some information about each one here.
Tui offers two clinics – The Awakening, and The Fusion. Contact us to discuss facility requirements.


THE AWakening

Awakening(n.) – The act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something

Day 1: Awakening yourself to your body control
On the first day, we work on establishing body control from the ground up. This includes gaining the horse’s trust and respect through feel and timing, using pressure-release. This allows the horse the easiest way to understand and find what we are asking.

Day 2: Awakening your horse to your presence
On the second day, we start on ridden work. This includes gaining confidence and willingness from your horse, through life and energy, transferred from us through to the horse’s body and mind. We work on gaining a better understanding of body control to allow the horse to be more in tune to what we are asking of them.


the fusion

Fusion(n.) – The process of joining aspects together to form a single entity

Day 1: Fusing the horse’s different Zones to your body
We start with revising where those attending are up to, and begin with ridden work if you are ready and comfortable. The focus is on fusing the horse’s different Zones to your body in a responsive and positive manner.

Day 2: Fusing together motion with energy
Building on Day 1 by fusing together motion with energy and helping he horse to understand your signals. We work on being responsive, but remaining emotionally centred.

Respect, trust, leadership, mindfulness, awareness, softness/subtleness, balance between physical and mental...simplicity....An invaluable week [at your clinic]..thank you Tui.
— Carla Lucas
Thank you for hosting a wonderful clinic with such a talented trainer who is wise beyond his years. Tui has such a great way of communicating.
— Clinic Attendee
An informative, interesting clinic; was captivated watching the conversations develop. Most valuable was watching Tui use the skills on a couple challening horses. Was impressed with Tui’s maturity and depth of understanding. Definitely one to watch!
— Karen Askew

The Partnership